About Reflective Teaching

“…everything is beautiful in this world when one reflects…”

Anton Chekhov

At the end of every class I’ve ever taught (or even just after….ok, perhaps even during, any activity too), I’ve always thought something along the lines of “hmmm… right, so the next time I do that, I reckon I’ll do X differently” or “that’s funny… I didn’t expect THAT to happen…”

And because I tend to teach the same language points various times, the opportunities to reflect on, and then change, or to develop, my practices come up frequently.

So that’s what this blog is about. Reflecting on my teaching practices, and inviting you to do the same for yours.

My name, by the way, is Alastair. I’ve been teaching English in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 2007. I love my life here – the ornate, Baroque grandeur of the city, the crucible of European and ethnic cultures and the fact that any wine over about 10 pesos a bottle will be pretty decent.

I am a teacher, teacher trainer, ELT writer, conference speaker and lover of cricket.


  1. Hello Alastair! I’m happy to meet another reflective blogger on WordPress 🙂 I look forward to reading and learning from your entries. I see that you are also a fan of Scott Thornbury. I have a feeling we could learn a lot from each other. Happy teaching and blogging!

    • Hi Josette!

      What a fanstatic resource you have created! I am going to take my time to look at your blog with pleasure.

      Indeed I am a fan of Scott Thornbury and have been known to get quite boring about it at times… let’s make sure we keep in touch about our shared passions!

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