Ranting and Raving



Nobody likes a whiner. But… frankly… sometimes I just need to get stuff off my chest. I mean, we all do, right?

So this page is less a place for me to vent, unload, dump my bad energy etc. and more a place for you to share my venting, unloading, dumping, my bad energy and for you to do the same or at least say, “yeah, that really makes me want to smash my [whatever] into [wherever] every [whenever] too.”



  1. Ever heard the joke.. want some cheese with that whine ?

    Getting it off our chest is important, and glad 2 haer that you’ve provided a space for it here. Look forward to seeing where it goes… cheese or not 😉

    • I think your joke just provided the cheese! Thanks for reading and rest assured there’ll be plently of whines…

  2. But do you know what you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you…. nacho cheese (not chyo[ur] cheese) … maybe works best in American english. 🙂

    In any case, looking forward to more cheese and whine.

  3. Blackberrys.

    Not the small, technically-non-black-more-kinda-violet-coloured fruit. They are not not derserving of wrath. However, the irritating black/mauve/neon-green “objets du Satan” most certainly are.

    “So… Sofi…what about the answer to number 2….? Umm… Sofi….?”

    “[*silence*] …oh, yeah, Al, sorry, I was…”

    It’s ok! Nevermind! You’re only doing the CPE exam in December: you don’t have to pay attention in class or anything as taxing as that. And I guess US$175 is a mere pittance, isn’t it, for what is essentially the opportunity to sit out of the rain and check what’s happening on Facebook, whilst unconvincingly hiding that square piece of EVIL in the pocket of your rucksack.

    Of course I wouldn’t know it was there, but for the spectral green light emenating from the zip, much like the fridge in Ghostbusters. That, and the fact that you haven’t listened to a word anyone has uttered in the last 45 minutes…

    “[*silence*] …oh, yeah, Al, sorry, I was…”

  4. You can leave “my” Sofi alone, but yes, in total agreement with that one !!
    However to diffuse your anger you may want to check out this :-

    My personal addition to that are the ipod touch/iphones that they use instead of dictionaries to look up words or worse… check up on your definition ! I’ ll take those thank you very much Sonny Jim !

    • HaaHaa! Well, it could’ve been “Sofi”… or “Angeles”… or any Blackberry-bearing name really!

      I love the sketch. “Dongle” is the most underused word in the English language. Discuss.

  5. Loved the sketch!
    Just found out that what I used to call the “Bluetooth thingy” in my laptop is a dongle!

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